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Hengyong Group set up a manufacturing and manufacturing course to effectively control product quality, delivery time and product verification in order to meet the customer's quality requirements and self-provisioning delivery requirements and master the guarantee of raw materials! The manufacturing and manufacturing courses include plastic mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding, rubber vacuum molding, film button and panel manufacturing, SMT, COB, finished assembly, ROHS testing, and reliability testing.
Introduction of each department:
Mold manufacturing workshop

Mold department

The company's plastic mold manufacturing class has 30 years of mold opening experience. In 2015, IML injection molding workshop was added. The Japanese NAK80 steel and Swedish S136 steel were used, and the HK Longji mold was used to ensure the service life of the mold and the appearance of the product. The mold opening period is 20-30 days, and it is stored in the molds produced by our company. The company has unconditional permanent maintenance service.

Plastic molding department

Plastic department

The company's plastic injection molding class has 30 years of plastic injection experience, with 22 imported plastic injection molding machines from 50T to 400T, and 5 electric injection molding machines from Japan, which can be injection molded precision plastic parts. Imported plastic materials, including Japan and the United States, including plastic products printing, plastic products ultrasonic, plastic products hot stamping silver, plastic products injection, plastic products, laser engraving, etc., using imported printing ink and wear-resistant anti-alcohol paint , plastic products printing wear test, plastic products impact resistance test, matching automatic IR UV line drying, flexible production and distribution.

Two pictures, one for printing and the other for injection:
Fuel injection, printing, ultrasonic, hot stamping, silver engraving, etc. are attached to the plastic class, which is more effective for the production of high efficiency. A group of experienced masters professionally make requests, using imported paint, automatic baking line to master the quality!

Rubber vacuum forming workshop

Rubber department

The company's rubber vacuum forming class has 25 years of production experience, using imported rubber raw materials, self-matching color, molding according to company standards, passing aging test and printing wear test, hardness test, using imported printing ink, with 2 automatic printing machines, The quality requirements of rubber products are guaranteed.

Nameplate printing workshop

Nameplate department

The company's membrane button and panel manufacturing class has 20 years of experience, using imported raw materials such as British PET, American PC, etc., imported ink to ensure the wear resistance of printing, with 6 automatic printing machines and manual printing machines, matching automatic IR UV assembly line Baked and dried, matching 3 sets of automatic convex bulging machine, 2 sets of P+R machines, 8 automatic positioning punching machines and 8 automatic punching machines, which effectively guarantee the quality.

SMT workshop

SMT department

The company has two SMT production lines, one of which is automatic SMT line, the other is manual SMT line, reflow soldering 2 sets, one of the temperature zone for 8 down 8 total 16 temperature zone, one of the temperature zone for 10 down 10 total 20 temperature zone, using automatic printing solder paste machine, imported solder paste. Our company has adopted lead-free ROHS solder paste in 2002 to ensure the flexibility of assembly products.

COB workshop

COB department

The company has 4 sets of automatic setting machine and 2 sets of dispensing machines, which improves the production speed. It adopts imported 1.0MIL aluminum wire, which can reach 7-12g pulling force and guarantee the quality of bonding.

Projector assembly department

The Medical Device Equipment Assembly Course was established in 2010. The 100,000-class clean room with assembly, aging test, functional test and packaging is integrated. The workshop isolation method ensures the correctness of the production materials. The constant temperature and humidity warehouse guarantees the storage conditions of the core materials. The medical workshop is equipped with 9 assembly lines. The machine capacity can reach 300,000 units per month. The equipment used for production and inspection has inspection, high quality and high positioning management. Strictly implement the SOP system, strictly abide by the requirements of ISO13485 management laws and regulations, and strictly abide by the production license management requirements of each product. The medical equipment and large health smart products produced by our company must pass the reliability test of our company to meet the industry demand and market demand.

  • 100,000 assembly workshop

  • 100,000-grade aging workshop

  • 100,000-level workshop

  • 100,000-level test workshop

  • Lab

  • Lab

  • Lab

  • Medical product workshop

  • Medical product workshop

  • Medical product workshop

  • Medical product assembly line

  • Medical product inspection