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Ultrasonic physiotherapy instrument
  • Ultrasonic physiotherapy instrument

Ultrasonic physiotherapy instrument


Product specifications:
power input power: 20VA

rated output power:...


Ultrasonic physiotherapy instrument uses the three major effects of ultrasound to physiotherapy the human body.  Professional clinical use indicates that the family physiotherapist can help you to alleviate the following symptoms:

1. Gastroenterology "cholecystitis", "pancreatitis", "stomach ulcer", "chronic gastroenteritis", "duodenal ulcer", "postoperative analgesia" 

2. the respiratory system "asthma" "upper respiratory tract infection" "bronchitis" "pneumonia"
3. pediatric "diarrhea" "indigestion" "children's night sputum" "rogue" "epidemic mumps" "upper respiratory tract infection" "asthma"

4. Orthopedics "post-traumatic swelling" "post-traumatic anti-inflammatory" "postoperative traumatic analgesia" "osteoporosis" "osteoarthritis" "sacral softening"

5, surgical "postoperative analgesia" "postoperative  Exhaust "" postoperative anti-infection" "abdominal abscess"

6, neurological "intercostal neuralgia", "lumbar nerve pain" "sciatica" "lower limb nerve paralysis" 

7, oncology "radiotherapy throat sore throat"  Post-analgesia ""postoperative anti-infection" "postoperative muscle rigidity"

8, rehabilitation department "cervical spondylosis" "shoulder periarthritis" "lumbar pain" "lumbar muscle strain" "chronic low back pain" "lumbar disc herniation" "shoulder  Back pain" "Rheumatoid arthritis" "Muscle soreness" "Low back pain"


The appearance is small and novel and easy to carry, and the family has a product to protect the health of the whole family.