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corporate philosophy:
Be creative and change with your heart
Corporate policy:
Implement preventive correction, corporate self-improvement
Enterprise's goal:
Improve with customer requirements and aim at customer satisfaction
1: Covering an area of 10,000 square meters
In 1989, Hengyong Company purchased 10,000 square meters of self-built factory buildings. Business class, research and development, personnel, information, quality, production and assembly, automatic SMT, mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding, rubber vacuum molding, film button production and environmental testing laboratory and trust Sex test room, etc. The reliability test guarantees the life of the product and the compliance with the domestication of the product.
2: Using imported raw materials
Self-distribution of customs declaration import and export aging, adapt to the strong production mix, the use of imported materials for important parts, to ensure the service life of the product.
3: 26 years of R&D experience
Hengyong has a R&D team with 26 years of R&D experience, specializing in:
Medical Division: Design and development of products for medical device equipment and large health medical equipment;
Remote Control Division: IR/RF/Bluetooth/WiFi remote control and extended product design and development;
Projector Division: Projector and teaching machine product design and development;
Including software development, hardware development, structural design, art design, packaging design.
4: Safe production, 100,000 class clean room
The production workshop is produced in a 100,000-class clean room, and the workshop isolation method ensures the correct use of materials during production;
5: Strong production and self-control ability
Strong self-manufacturing ability, self-developed design, plastic parts mold opening, plastic parts injection, printing, ultrasonic, hot stamping, hot silver, laser engraving, film button making, rubber vacuum forming, automatic SMT, all reliability testing experiments, assembly and assembly , to meet the guarantee of production and quality;
6: High quality service
Hengyong Service: guests with R&D requirements and high quality requirements;
7: Flexible trading conditions

It can directly import and export customs declaration, can handle customs transfer procedures, and can issue national tax invoices for domestic sales;

8: The purpose of Hengyong
Mission: To implement preventive and correction, self-improvement of the company; to improve with customer requirements, and to achieve customer satisfaction;
9: geographical advantage
Located in Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, the purchase of supporting parts is convenient and convenient, and the transportation is convenient. Water, land and air are very convenient. It takes 60-100 minutes to Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong airports/ports. The shipment is fast and convenient.