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Digital thermometer

The electronic thermometer, measured under the armpit for 20 seconds, has a novel appearance, and the plastic lens on the surface of the product directly shows the subversion of the tradition. Suitable for all people.

Bluetooth thermometer

Bluetooth continuous body temperature detection, small program APP interface monitoring, continuous reading data under the squat test, alarm when abnormal body temperature, the product is suitable for children and elderly people with limited mobility, the small contact area is comfortable, and the guardian no longer has to follow the patient (whole night) !

Ultrasonic physiotherapy instrument

Ultrasonic physiotherapy instrument uses the three major effects of ultrasound to physiotherapy the human body. Professional clinical use indicates that the family physiotherapist can help you to alleviate the following symptoms:
1. Gastroenterology "cholecystitis", "pancreatitis", "stomach ulcer", "chronic gastroenteritis", "duodenal ulcer", "postoperative analgesia"
2. the respiratory system "asthma" "upper respiratory tract infection" "bronchitis" "pneumonia"
3. pediatric "diarrhea" "indigestion" "children's night sputum" "rogue" "epidemic mumps" "upper respiratory tract infection" "asthma"
4. Orthopedics "post-traumatic swelling" "post-traumatic anti-inflammatory" "postoperative traumatic analgesia" "osteoporosis" "osteoarthritis" "sacral softening"
5, surgical "postoperative analgesia" "postoperative Exhaust "" postoperative anti-infection" "abdominal abscess"
6, neurological "intercostal neuralgia", "lumbar nerve pain" "sciatica" "lower limb nerve paralysis"
7, oncology "radiotherapy throat sore throat" Post-analgesia ""postoperative anti-infection" "postoperative muscle rigidity"
8, rehabilitation department "cervical spondylosis" "shoulder periarthritis" "lumbar pain" "lumbar muscle strain" "chronic low back pain" "lumbar disc herniation" "shoulder Back pain" "Rheumatoid arthritis" "Muscle soreness" "Low back pain"...
The appearance is small and novel and easy to carry, and the family has a product to protect the health of the whole family.

Pain manager treatment instrument

The pain manager treatment instrument uses the three major effects of ultrasound to physiotherapy the human body.
The gospel of female friends came, "pelvic inflammatory disease", "attachment inflammation", "dysmenorrhea", "menstrual irregularity", "uterine fistula", novel design, light weight, can be stored in the bag for easy carrying, easy to relieve pain at any time!

Intelligent preparation instrument

Bluetooth continuous body temperature detection is converted into ovulation test, small program APP interface monitoring, underarm test continuous reading data, small volume contact area is comfortable, the product is suitable for pregnant mothers to prepare for pregnancy, providing eugenics and superiority to respect the life and reproduction of future generations for the benefit of mankind!

Sterilizing sweeping robot

The robot can help you solve the problem: automatic disinfection after automatic cleaning, suitable for hospital and ward use, saving labor costs, truly reaching the era of intelligence!

Bluetooth smart pill box

Bluetooth smart pill box, can be operated independently, also with the small program APP interface monitoring, the old man forgot to eat what medicine? Forget the time to take medicine? Office workers are busy forgetting?
The smart pill box easily reminds you of your health! Set the time alarm and set the number of medicines to be taken. The product is especially suitable for office workers and elderly people with limited mobility. It is small and convenient to carry, and the quality of life of human beings is improved!

Eye myopic corrector

The development of the era of electronic technology has also prolonged the hidden dangers of human health, more and more people with myopia, pseudomyopia can be cured, true myopia can be prevented, controllable, incurable!, 3D holographic vision training instrument is applied in vision training, vision care A new product in the field. Equipment Breaking the eyesight training into 3D content, the child completes the eyesight training unconsciously in the process of entertainment and learning. The product is suitable for families, schools, medical and other scenes, and can provide children with a full range of vision testing and vision health improvement.

Our vision

Taste a happy life and start with a smile. Hengyong Electronics builds the Hengyong Shangying brand by itself, specializing in high-tech enterprises integrating life science and technology health product design, research and development, production, manufacturing and sales. Create a healthy and quality life for thousands of users, so that healthy smiles are always there! Behind every smile is a unique and beautiful life. Heng Yong Shang Ying has created a smile and promoted the healthy progress of China and even all mankind. Heng Yong Electronics has the courage to innovate and change its mind. Create a healthy and quality life for thousands of users, so that healthy smiles are always there!

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