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Family medical equipment, quietly entered the family care market, a broad prospect

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In the past, many families had a variety of simple medical equipment, such as thermometers, blood pressure monitors, wheelchairs and so on. These simple medical equipment, convenient and practical, especially for some families with chronic diseases are more practical, at any time to understand the patient's situation, timely medical treatment.

The home medical device craze is on the rise

In the past, many families had a variety of simple medical equipment, such as thermometers, blood pressure monitors, wheelchairs and so on. These simple medical equipment, convenient and practical, especially for some families with chronic diseases are more practical, at any time to understand the patient's situation, timely medical treatment.

In recent years, with the increasing improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the health of themselves and their families.

At present, the major medical device companies have a variety of home medical devices counter; Large market majority also opened the counter of medical appliance, not only kind is complete, and often can see new product appears. According to the head of the medical device group at the Beijing department store, sales of medical devices for home use are high now, and competition among the stores is fierce. Sales staff of xidan medical device company told reporters that the number of family medical devices they sell this year has more than doubled compared with the same period last year. The sales momentum in the second half of the year is also very prosperous. Family medical devices have entered more and more families.

Home medical device new market

Numerous nursing medical device products are also entering the home. In the China international medical equipment spring fair held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center, except for one exhibition hall, which is mainly designed for large enterprises to display large medical equipment, the other four exhibition halls all have "universal" products of small and medium-sized enterprises. "Universal," he said, "means that our medical devices are suitable for hospitals, clinics and homes." One exhibitor explained the concept of general purpose products to the reporter in simple words and drew a new direction for the market development of this kind of products. Pharmacies, malls, supermarkets, these are our new targets."

Such as the author is not the target of visitors, small and medium-sized exhibitors but no time to receive. Therefore, I hypothesized that I was a buyer of chain drugstores, and sure enough, this status was favored by some exhibitors exhibiting general medical device products. The sales representative of the mobile disabled patient's shift car produced by henan kangfu medical device co., LTD first recommended the product actively, and then enthusiastically let the author sit on it to experience the portability and functions of the shift car. Through experience, actually feel it portable and practical, in nursing hemiplegia and disability workers easily picked up the patient mobile, portable security, reduce the family nursing patient workload is the biggest bright spot, experiences attracted many visitors, and get everyone's full approval, especially they offered to all over the country each store to set up a Shared experience, service customer way is better, can solve the short-term patients use need, live many consulting the specific operation details and price, through experience, the displacement of the car price is quite high. Several exhibitors from Shanghai also took pains to demonstrate the use of the products and explain the features of the products to each audience member. Several medical oxygen machine size enterprises are "guaranteed" their product market is large, cost-effective, will become a chain of pharmacy management hot...... As for the products such as blood pressure meter and blood glucose meter that have already entered the home, the exhibitor even "went straight to the theme" and talked with the buyer about the purchase quantity, deduction rate and payment settlement.

It seems that the improvement of the quality of life, the enhancement of health care awareness and the approaching aging society have indeed brought new markets for generic products in medical devices. Relevant enterprises, especially some local small and medium-sized enterprises, have also been keenly aware of or captured the business opportunity of household products. However, also found that although just abandoned home medical equipment market, but product homogeneity phenomenon has very serious: whether the wheelchair or oxygen generator, although different brands and variety, but most of function, the hemiplegia patients shift car production in henan is a patented product, in the care of this unique, distinct from other care products, prices are common, and middle-income families can accept price, attract visitors. Other homogenous product price is multifarious however, want to choose simply do not know how to begin. I consulted an expert who couldn't tell me why. In addition, in some multifunctional therapeutic apparatus, lumbar (cervical) retractor and other products promotional page, cure-all, "revolutionary breakthrough" and other exaggerated propaganda is not uncommon. It also shows from one side that the concept of rational marketing has not yet taken shape in the minds of general medical device manufacturers.

New home medical devices are getting better

With the demand of people, the new products in the market of household medical devices are continuous, and the functions are more and more complete, more and more close to people's life. The function of these new products is not only to test the health of the body, but also to develop into a test of the body indicators are qualified.

In the China international medical equipment exhibition held in Beijing international exhibition center, the variety of household medical equipment on display is diverse and refreshing. Electronic sphygmomanometer, low-frequency therapeutic instrument, electronic thermometer, electric toothbrush, electronic pedometer and home patient care products, etc., are made exquisitely, simple to operate, domestic care products are affordable, welcomed by consumers who come to visit. Various measuring instruments of health data, including the most eye-catching is the body fat tester, it is just an old-fashioned lunch box size, ends with a metal handle, will be tested before using input meter height, age, weight, buttons, and then holding the handle, two minutes later, the tester of the small screen will show the tester's fat content, and can be compared with data on the screen, control their body fat content is qualified.

An elderly couple carefully inquired about the functions and prices of various electronic blood pressure monitors and tried to follow the instructions of the service staff. They told reporters, the home had a sphygmomanometer, but no memory function, every day test results to record their own, this time to see a memory function of the new sphygmomanometer, use is also very convenient, so I plan to buy another.

This exhibition makes people feel obviously, domestic medical appliance is made more and more refined, a few new-style equipment not only appearance is beautiful and handy, and function is practical. For example, a small household ultrasound inhaler is very popular. It is designed for children and people who are inconvenient to take medicine. When using it, you only need to breathe the liquid into the container and press the switch to breathe it into the body. It is light and does not leak. There is a high frequency before and after the vibration of the electric toothbrush is also very special, according to the staff, People's Daily normal brushing time should be about three minutes, but the average person can not reach, this electric toothbrush, every minute can reach 3,000 times of high frequency vibration, can thoroughly remove tartar. In addition, there are a variety of female products, such as the ladies dedicated facial hair, only pen size, the shape is very beautiful. These new products not only have the function of disease prevention and treatment, but also get closer and closer to every detail of people's life and become a good partner for people to enjoy life.

Businesses target young people

In the past, family medical devices were generally prepared for the elderly or the sick in the home, but now with the acceleration of modern people's pace of life and the increase of work pressure, plus the diversification of the function of medical devices, health care, so that some young people have also come to the use of medical devices to observe their own situation.

It is understood that in Japan, the concept of young people is the hospital treatment, supplemented by family self-test. Its market also produced a lot of medical devices that adapt to the characteristics of young people, such as the high-precision electronic thermometer used by women, which can be accurate to two decimal points, so that young women can accurately detect the change of body temperature, deeply welcomed by women.

A salesperson of xidan bazaar tells the author, those who buy new-style family expenses medical appliance is young person more, have a plenty of among them is the old person in the home buys, also have a considerable part to be oneself buy.

Observe the name of the product, some household medical equipment named "big filial son", it seems that smart businesses have aimed at the strong consumption ability and can accept new things on the young people, even the packaging of the product is also beautiful and refined, rich modern sense, in order to adapt to the taste of young people. It is understood that some businesses in the Spring Festival, father's day, mother's day, the Mid-Autumn festival and other festivals, launched gift sets, including blood pressure monitor, thermometer, blood glucose detector, nursing products, very popular among young people.

Buy domestic or foreign

With the rise of various medical devices in the Beijing market, some foreign businesses have also entered the Beijing market with their own products. Such as Japan's omron, panasonic, west tiecheng, ishiguro; Johnson & Johnson in the United States; Germany's Pauling mann and so on.

According to liu jinghua, head of xidan medical device warehouse, the company operates nearly 40 kinds of medical devices of more than 10 brands at home and abroad. But the quality of domestic products is not very stable, repair rate on the high side, but its after-sales service is better, generally can meet the needs of users. The agent of foreign brand is in guangzhou, shenzhen, Shanghai to wait commonly, maintain rise very inconvenient.

In the interview, I found that the appearance of foreign brand products is very beautiful, small size, easy to operate, advanced functions, but the price is on the high side, such as the displacement machine is generally more than 415 thousand yuan. And domestic product compares to say more practical, and price is moderate, consumer had better understand a circumstance to salesperson more when buying, will choose according to his need again.

Medical instruments into the family, is not simply to prevent disease treatment, but so that people can at any time and anywhere to test their own body, master their health index, convenient, reduce the workload of nursing, this marks that people have more and more high requirements for life.

Have you tried home medical instruments

With the great expansion of medical system reform, monitoring one's health in the family will become more and more the first choice of convenient and economical health care. In addition to going to your community doctor or family doctor when you're sick, some people have started to choose handy little medical devices as their health helpers and "health care providers." Most of these medical devices have been introduced from abroad in recent years.

Ear thermometer, which is more popular in foreign countries, is one of the many family medical devices that have been introduced. Mr. Wang le, 30, is the father of twin daughters who are one year old. The two daughters are very lovely. Every time they meet the first step of the physical examination -- taking the temperature, Mr. And Mrs. Wang are at a loss what to do, because it is not a matter of worry to take the temperature of the child in the traditional way. Once, Mr. Wang went to the department store and saw a kind of ear thermometer made in Germany. According to the instructions, if you hold the thermometer in the child's ear for a second and hear a "drip", you can take the temperature out. Although the ear thermometer was expensive, costing more than 500 yuan, Mr. Wang bought it with one bite of his teeth.

The reporter visited the home appliance counter of a few large market such as hangzhou tower, department store a few days ago, discover in this domain is "do not see do not know, see frighten a jump".

There are various kinds of medical devices with different functions, which care every part of the human body. For example, electronic thermometer, electric toothbrush, low-frequency therapeutic apparatus, blood pressure meter, throat health care apparatus, fat measuring apparatus, massage apparatus, special care products for patients with paralysis, etc., the price varies from more than 100 yuan to more than 1,000 yuan. Products are basically imported from abroad or sino-foreign joint venture production and domestic, the current brand is mainly panasonic, omron, bolang, philips, domestic brands for health care help. Xia lei, manager of hangzhou tower's home appliance department, said that they started to introduce these small medical devices five or six years ago. With people paying more and more attention to their health, the overall consumption of the products is getting better and better every year. The customers who come to purchase are mostly middle-aged people with better income and higher requirements on the quality of life.

According to the salespersons in these big stores, the best selling products are blood pressure monitors. The goods put on the counter also take the variety of sphygmomanometer as the most, light omron one brand has more than 10 sphygmomanometer, kind has arm type, wrist type to wait, cheap 200 yuan, the most expensive 1000 yuan. Shop assistant said, to buy blood pressure meter people are divided into two categories, one is for the elderly themselves, the other for the young bought as a gift filial piety parents. Other products such as pedometer, shift car, low-frequency therapeutic device, electronic thermometer, etc., are also selling well, which as gifts to customers, family members accounted for a large proportion. They think it is a good choice to send health to customers and families.

Concerned expert thinks, because at present the country still does not have normative standard to nurse health care product, the product on the market exists good and bad intermingled phenomenon. Some manufacturers in the propaganda exaggerated, mystifying, so that many people do not understand the industry into consumption errors. In addition, nursing care more types, different varieties, adapt to different diseases. Many consumers do not understand when they buy, leading to a decline in trust in such products. And the profit that some businessman also says a product only when selling, and do not point out the product do not get used to disease, taboo the crowd that use is waited a moment, as a result partial person buys go back, just discover oneself are not suit to use this kind of equipment after reading manual. Therefore, when you buy health equipment, according to their own physical condition, carefully read the manual, and then buy.

Now the market disabled shift car is divided into manual, power, electric three forms, and each model is subdivided into the basic type, with potty function, movement function. Choose and buy according to the actual situation of oneself family.